How to make a No-sew Athena Costume or Greek Goddess Costume

Athena costume from Percy Jackson, or Greek goddess

A new-sew Athena costume for kids

Hello! I’m a mom, crafter, and writer. The complete directions for how to make my daughter’s No-Sew Athena or Greek Goddess costume can now be found on my new blog, Please visit me there! You’ll find the directions there at the post How to make a No-sew Athena Costume or Greek Goddess Costume.

15 responses to “How to make a No-sew Athena Costume or Greek Goddess Costume

  1. Loved the peek into the life of your geeky family, Ms. Ivy. Very cute and fun to read. I can’t help but notice, though, that you guys are not only geeky, you’re handy, artistic, and pretty darn creative, as well!

  2. Thanks for dropping by! Yeah, we try to hide our geekiness behind all those other things.
    All my life I have tried to deny that I’m a geek, but I certainly have a lot in common with people who identify as such. :) (And probably using phrases like “as such” is also geeky!)

  3. It is a pretty costume. It is very creative, my daughter would love to make it. Stuffed owl looks so cute on Miss A’s shoulder.

  4. Thanks for dropping by Michael Jon! I wasn’t sure if I could find a stuffed owl but I lucked out and found it the first store I looked. That was probably the hardest part of the costume. :)

  5. My 8-year-old twins had to have Greek “chitons” for their “Greek Feast” at school. (All I could think of was “Crunch goes the chitin when you step on a cricket.” A handy phrase from Biology I in high school. Not quite the same thing, but surely the same Greek root.) Any way, the instructions sent home from school were to stitch up one side to make a tube and then to use safety pins (about four per side) to hold the fabric on the top of each shoulder. I guess the Greeks would have had fancy shoulder brooches. Then we pulled out some of my old woven cloth belts to tie at the waist, And scarves to wear as the …ummm… scarf thingy draped over the shoulder and around the waist. I had some costume jewelry pins to hold those in place, and my daughter pinned a sparkly brooch at the end of her braid. The next week, these had to be transformed into Egyptian costumes. An old concho belt worked well for the Egyptian princess.

    So speaking of great Greek-themed kids’ books, my daughter is completely enamored of the “Goddess Girls” series.

  6. The sparkly brooches are a nice touch!

    The Goddess Girls series is really cute! If she makes it through them and wants more mythology novels you might try Pandora Gets Jealous.

  7. Im sorry but it makes no cents to me not helping

  8. Eeeek! Found out from 9th grade daughter yesterday that I need to make her an Athena costume by Saturday! Google brought me here. Looks so easy and straightforward. THANK YOU for sharing! (P.S. Count me as one of the English teachers who encourages kids to read ANYTHING, so long as they’re reading!)

  9. i need this for my school project! Thank you so much!!

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